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TERMS & CONDITIONS GENERAL RULES: NO DRAMA! if you see something you do not like or do not agree with, please keep your negative comments to yourself, this community is not about spreading hate or negativity, or you will be removed! *We encourage you NOT to engage with trolls or disrespectful members, instead please tag or message one of the admins. The admins are here to help you! If you have any problems, or are having issues with any members, please feel free to let us know. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE! ALL TROLLS AND ABUSIVE POSTS WILL BE REMOVED WITHOUT NOTICE, and accompanied with a temporary or a permanent ban if necessary. Please remove yourself if you under the age of 18 NOW! If you are suspecting of being a minor, you WILL be contacted by an admin for ID. Our community is for fun and sharing. Please keep politics, religion and racism off the site! Members promoting drama and trolls will be removed without question. Insulting or abusive comments with be deleted without notice and may result in a ban without warning. Non-vape related posts are not permitted and will be deleted. Scammers and hustlers will be called out, humiliated and then banned for life. Sorry that’s just how it goes. We do not condone the use of drugs on any kind! ANY POST WITH DRUG TALK OF ANT KIND WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT QUESTION! BUYING & SELLING IF YOU ARE A VENDOR and would like to become a VapeFM approved vendor please contact an admin. VapeFM servers cost a lot to maintain, and all support covering the costs are welcome :) Please message an admin to find out about our vendor program. Any other posts will be deleted without admin approval. If you would like to host a give-away, promote an event, website or anything on those lines. You will need to speak to an admin for approval! Buy, Sell, and Trade at your own risk, Admins will not be held accountable for anything going wrong. We strongly advise that you ask for a vouch for all traders/sellers in the group! If you are selling, trading or offering an item, please provide a 'hand written' note on a piece of paper with your name and date! The date must be the same as with the day your post it. If you are selling or trading your item, put the condition of the item/s and weather it’s a clone or authentic. please provide a certificate for authentic items (if applicable). Remember the more info you provide about your items, them more likely someone will purchase them. All for sale items must have a price. No price will result in the post being deleted and further instances will result in banning. Administration will monitor these sales posts, and are there to assist if any issues arise.